суббота, 21 июля 2012 г.

Web Deployment Tool – making it install application remotely

The key is in precisely following this instruction when configuring remote server (it took me quite a while to identify which tutorial/instruction is the one to follow). There are, of cause, some other issues that can stand on your way:

  • you’d want to install Web Deployment tool manually and do a complete install – otherwise you’ll spend a fair amount of time looking for missing options in IIS Manger console;
  • when setting up Management Service Delegation, make sure that you enable the following providers: contentPath, createApp, dbSqlite, iisApp, package, setAcl – otherwise you will have to carefully read error messages and reiterate over delegation config (by default only contentPath and iisApp are included);
  • I would definitely suggest using dedicated low privileged domain users (and you have to have a domain, of cause).


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